In Siberia, is the largest on Earth swamp area of ​​53 000 sq. km. km

Vasyugan swamp is located in central Siberia. This is a huge swamp, aged about 9000 years and an area the size of Switzerland, is the largest in the world.Its length from west to east - 573 km from north to south - 320 km. Vasyugan swamp stretched as much as three regions: Tomsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk.
Vasyugan swamp has a huge impact on the environment. It is the main source of freshwater in the region, it implies a lot of rivers, and it regulates the climatic balance of evaporation over vast areas. In addition, the extract from the swamp gas, oil and peat. the bog preserved the unique flora and fauna, you can meet rare and endangered plants and animals. For example, caribou, ptarmigan, golden eagle, as well as mink, otter, wolverine and many others.On marshy hummocks grow valuable medicinal plants and berries: cranberry, blueberry, cloudberry. It is planned to give him the status of World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

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